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Whether you’re looking to manage risks more effectively or for system improvement.

Our people are what defines Compass Assurance Services and sets us apart. It’s not our products (we don’t have any) and it’s not our systems (although they’re not bad). 100% of our income is derived from our people sharing with you their time and expertise to help solve your problems and improve your business.

So what is it about our people that has everyone taking notice?

We have a shared passion for making a difference and adding value. We care about our clients and we strive to add value to their businesses every day. We want to stand out amongst our peers. We know we are different and want you to see this too. We want to be the most innovative, professional and value generating business partner you have ever worked with. We are skilled with strong industry and subject matter competencies. We are experts in our field but don’t pretend to know everything.

Cb_ueFdt About Us


We threw out the cookie cutter – there’s lots of ways to comply and improve. We’re interested in how you do things and if there’s a better way to do something let’s look at it together.


We’re not about tick box compliance.  We get on with it and help you identify ways to drive value and improve performance.


We’re not confrontational and we don’t pretend to be law enforcers. We’re about partnerships – we listen, we’re inclusive and there are never any surprises with our findings.


One size does not fit all; industry knowledge and subject matter proficiency counts. Our folk know their area but don’t pretend to know everything.

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Compass Assurance Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO:88194)

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