ISO 19600 Compliance Impact Ladder

The compliance management system standard (ISO 19600) provides a governance and management framework for systemising the conformance efforts of businesses.  Whilst it provides hints as to what best practice looks like it does not provide the equivalence of the OHS hierarchy of controls. In collaboration with the experienced team from Spark Growth Solutions & Compass Assurance Services have developed the Compliance Impact Ladder.

Compliance of course, is very different to health and safety where avoidance is the primary control whereas with compliance it is the risk appetite of the business that determines control effectiveness. A business culture that values honesty, transparency and accountability is the most effective assurance of your compliance management system.  This means that there is clarity of the compliance risk appetite of the business, the means of control are clear to all and the risk ownership including accountability for outcomes is allocated appropriately.

The Spark Compass Compliance Impact Ladder is a rhetorical device that provides insights into the drivers of a successful management system.  Ultimately, compliance risk management outcomes depend on the human factor more than any other.  Hardwired controls can provide a level of assurance provided these are not easily circumvented however, in the end it will be informed behavioural markers of the business that will impact compliance outcomes most.  The cultural desire to “do the right thing”, to be open, honest and transparent are the keys to successful outcomes consistent with the risk appetite of the business.

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