Guide to Management Review

Conducting regular management reviews are a compulsory requirement for both getting and maintaining your ISO9001 Quality Management certification. However, they don’t need to be a tedious, “chore”. We’ve come up with a few tips for getting the most out of your ISO9001 Quality Management review meetings and how to make them more engaging and valuable.


But what is it meant to look like?  

Our auditors often get clients asking what an ISO9001 management review is supposed to look like. A common first impression is the traditional sit down around the table style “board” meeting. The ISO9001 management standard does not specify any requirements about the structure or the “how” management reviews are to be conducted.

As long as you can demonstrate to your auditor that;

  • management review has occurred and;
  • provide evidence of the management review

It can take whatever form works best for your business. This is particularly useful if your management team are in different areas around the country or travel often; e.g Head of Quality based in Sydney with a Managing Director based in Melbourne or prefer to work remotely.

A common piece of feedback from clients is that management reviews conducted offsite in a less formal setting are generally more effective and engaging than the traditional let’s all sit around a board room table. Think about holding your reviews out of the office or site to keep the management team focused.


So what do we have to talk about?

The ISO9001 standard is much clearer on what is required to be covered for a management review as opposed to what they need to look like.

The first thing you need to consider is the changes both within your business (internal) and changes in the industry and operating environment (external) that will have impacts on your quality management system. These could include things like hiring of new staff or offering a new product range or service or for external issues changes in regulations or new competitors in your market.

A management review also requires you to cover the following key components of your ISO9001 Quality management system

  • customer satisfaction and stakeholder feedback
  • quality objectives performance
  • product performance and conformity
  • nonconformance and corrective action
  • monitoring and measurement including audits
  • external providers
  • process performance and conformity of products
  • services and;
  • adequacy of resources`


Tip: Think about these reviews as an opportunity to improve your business and drive business development

ISO9001 requires management review to cover; actions taken regarding risk and opportunity, improvement of the QMS and opportunities for improvement. Approaching a management review as a business development review can drive further improvements and help achieve organisational goals.

If this isn’t your first management review then don’t forget to cover the status of actions identified in your previous management review.

ISO9001 is a business management and systems standard – it is designed to ensure business are operating optimally and be a great tool for business development and improvement if approached with the right mindset.