ISO19600 Compliance Certification: how it can help smaller businesses

ISO19600:2014 Compliance management aims to establish and evaluate a compliance managements systems – compliant to any set of rules, laws or standards an organisation wishes to be measured against. It is more commonly implemented in larger financial institutes like banks than many other smaller enterprises. Despite it’s popularity among larger businesses ISO19600 Compliance certification can also have valuable benefits to smaller to medium size businesses that are willing to work towards the standards requirements.


The ISO19600 standard has been constructed in a manner to make it adaptable to smaller enterprises despite being primarily implemented by larger organisations. The compliance standard makes recommendations that SME’s are given a greater degree of freedom in and consideration is given to ensure that compliance measures are appropriate considering the size of the organisation.


An organisations size is given key consideration when defining the scope of the compliance program and the allocating of roles and resources. This is based upon one of the key principles the standard is built around; proportionality. (For more about the standard generally read this blog post here)


One key benefit of being a smaller organisation working within ISO19600 is that in order for a compliance program to be successful it is essential that top management are invested in the program. Smaller organisations with small or even single person management roles are more agile and responsive that large corporations with hundreds of employees, making demonstrating that top management is responsible for the compliance program easier.


SME’s should also consider the industry in which they operate. Businesses operating in highly regulated industries could considering using ISO19600 to measure compliance against industry codes of practices or standards. This would be an effective method of demonstrating to your clients, external parties, competitors and investors that your organisation is compliant with industry measures.


If 19600 sounds like something your business or organization wants to work towards contact us for a quick quote or further information from our experienced team.