Why ISO 19600 is important to your business

ISO 19600:2014 is the international standard regarding compliance management systems and is one of the lesser known ISO standards, it may not have the popularity or “rockstar status” of ISO 9001 quality certification or ISO 14001 for environmental certification but it can still have substantial benefits for any organisation willing to implement a compliant system.


So what is ISO 19600 standard striving to do? It is trying to measure how compliant a business’ management system – which raises the question compliant to what? You can measure compliance against anything – a set of rules, legislation, standards of practice or industry guidelines; but compliance need not be measured against an external document- compliance could also be measured against internal standards or policies for example, employee codes of conducts or ethics.


The ISO 19600 Compliance Management standard is grounded in four principles;

  1. Governance
  2. Proportionality
  3. Transparency
  4. Sustainability

By working within these principles, the standard establishes an organisations management system based upon the chosen measure of compliance


ISO 19600 sets out how a Compliance Management system should function in a logical manner. As such Risk Management forms a central part of this standard. Because risks are identified, analysed and evaluated to meet compliance requirements and establish controls, countermeasures that are established to meet these risks and are applied for the highest compliance risks. The standard focuses upon two aspects of an organization’s management systems; firstly, the effectiveness and suitability of compliance measures implemented and the responsibilities and roles of top and senior management in compliance activities.


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