Do you Operate Top 5 certified industries and don’t have ISO certificates?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently released the result of their annual Quality ISO 9001 and Environment ISO14001 survey for 2015. The survey revealed a total of over 1.5 Million certificates were issued last year with Australia currently having over 13 000 current certificates. The survey also segments issued certificates based on industry. The Survey has reported the top 5 industries that hold either ISO9001 Quality Management certification.


  1. Basic metal & fabricated metal products

The core purpose and benefit of ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certification is to help businesses and organisation be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. In the manufacturing sector is essential that any organisation is producing a quality product that is free from defects and be able to meet consumer demands. Implementing a system compliant to IS9001 facilitates the organization need to meet these demands and remain competitive within the industry.


  1. Electrical and optical equipment

Electrical and optical equipment production does involve a wide range of very particular set of specifications in order to be operational. Quality management systems create a process to ensure that such specifications can be met. For those organisation producing or working with utility companies, these companies are very focused on providing a service to the community and meeting customer expectations. The implementation of a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 would benefit businesses within this industry to ensure that continuous improvement is pursued.


  1. Construction

It is often a common tender requirement for working with Government departments or larger organisations in Australia. If you need it for one tender it is likely you will come across it again. Proactively implementing ISO certification in any industry is highly recommended and beneficial. See our Podcast Episode with Mark Kapo from AMF Magnetics who speaks about how their proactive approach to ISO9001 certification was a substantial driver in the growth of his business.


  1. Wholesale & retail trade; repairs of motor vehicles, motorcycles & personal & household goods

ISO 9001 includes a focus on monitoring customer satisfaction and how to manage corrective actions. When trading any good either in the business to business or business to consumer space it is essential that the relationship between business and customer is closely managed to sure that both parties to any sales transaction are satisfied with the outcome.


  1. Machinery and equipment

Any machinery and equipment that is either produced or used is required to fulfil a specific purpose. ISO 9001 provides a systematic approach to ensuring that both the production and use of equipment is fit for the purpose for which it was designed.


If you operate in any of these industries and are curious about gaining certification contact us for a quick quote and answers to any questions you have about certification.