A quick guide to getting HACCP food safety certification

For many smaller organisations without dedicated Food Safety or Quality Assurance staff the whole idea of implementing a Food Safety system such as HACCP Food Safety certification can appear daunting and expensive. The first step is to get in touch with a reputable certification body, they can give you some initial guidance on:


  • If you need HACCP Food Safety certification?
  • If you require any training?
  • How best to utilise your available funds?

Once you have the capacity to either develop your system by yourself or in conjuction with a consultant you need to check what you are developing against the standard itself. most certification bodies will at this point provide you with a self assessment checklist to keep your work focused on meeting the needs of the standard. Take a look at our HACCP Self-Assessment checklist – it breaks down the standard point by point to help you achieve HACCP Food Safety certification.


Once you think your system has addressed all the criteria of the check list  you are ready for your first assessment.  We will send an auditor to your premises who will check the documentation you have produced against the standard and indentify any gaps. A report will be produced that highlights any areas that require more work to be done. It is now back to you to close the gaps identified in the report.

During this assessment the auditor will be looking for evidence that what you have written in your Food Safety sytem you are actually doing. If evidence cannot be provided the auditor will identify these areas in a second report. It is now back to you to either change what you have written in your HACCP Food Safety system or change the way you are doing things.

Once the auditor is satisfied that what you have documented is what you are actually doing certification will be granted.

If HACCP Food Safety certification is something your business needs contact us now for a quick quote.