Safety Institute of Australia WA: Mike Gray on ISO45001

Couldn’t be in Perth on the 14th of July earlier this year? Never fear we recap the key points from Mike Gray’s breakfast presentation on the Transition to ISO45001 so all you really missed out on was the bacon and eggs. Mike was invited to address the impacts of the transition to ISO45001 from the existing OHSAS18001 standard for safety management systems. He is the Director of Compass Assurance Training, WA State manager for Compass Assurance Services and CEO of MGTD Pirii Australia (RTO: 88194). He has a wealth of experience as not only an auditor but also an educator.


Mike has a special interest in the areas of Risk Management (especially in relation to the ISO31000 risk management – principles and guidelines) and its application to the new suite of standards (ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015) and especially in regards to the proposed ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety management system requirements.

Just in case you weren’t aware ISO45001 is the currently unpublished Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard set to replace OHSAS 18001, set to be published by the end of 2017. The new standard has been developed to combat occupational injuries, diseases and fatalities.



You may be wondering why we need something new – it’s not new! If you’re currently familiar with AS/NZS4801 or OHSAS18001 you will already be familiar with the majority of the framework for ISO45001. This aligns present OHS standards with ANNEX SL and thus ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 (a framework for integration).

The standard does include some revisions and additional considerations in order to work towards reducing harm and overall risk.



So what do you need to do about the transition to ISO45001? Don’t panic is the first step. Its not a substantial change. Some tips include;

  • Keep calm and keep on supporting your culture!
  • Keep on Demonstrating leadership and commitment
  • Keep on identifying and managing your risks and opportunities (but spend your time on those that matter!)
  • Use this as an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ your system

In conclusion there is no need for an extensive change to your current OHSAS 18001 certification. ISO45001 provides the framework for your organisation to keep speaking the same language between management and employees – breaking down barriers and keeping it simple. It will also allow your business to keep a greater focus on implementation, integration and maintenance of systems.

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